The Glam-Mask Auction to Support COVID-aid

RM 16,530


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Bid (RM) Bidder Date
650 J 27-05-2020
560 S**************... 09-05-2020
550 M******p 05-05-2020
500 J*********w 04-05-2020
150 M**************... 03-05-2020
100 G***********i 02-05-2020
90 A*********a 02-05-2020
80 C*******n 02-05-2020
70 N*********a 02-05-2020
60 G******k 02-05-2020
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    A group of passionate organisations & corporation are coming together to raisefunds for the community-in-need.

    Through this unique initiative, the highest bidder will donate his/her bid to the total pool of donations

    Winner takes home The Glam-Maskthat was made by B40 women from Komuniti Tukang Jahit’s community.

    Funds donated are used to procure essential items to help those communities-in-need.


    Take part in this innovative initiative in helping out Malaysian communities-in-need and Social Enterprises (“SE”) during COVID-19! The Glam-Mask is an Auction item here to seek donations to support, The Social Enterprise SustainabilityInitiative (“SESI”). View the Official Fundraising Campaign

    SESI is an initiative in a collaboration between SocioBiz by Alliance Islamic Bank; Citrine Capital, an impact investor; MaGIC, a governmental agency supporting SE efforts; and NGOhub, as the charity partner. This initiative is a true reflection of our Malaysian spirit, forging partnerships to solve social issues.

    By bringing in the touch of colour & creativity, Komuniti Tukang Jahit (“KTJ”) has created The Glam-Mask and bid it for an auction to help raise funds to support the kind gesture of these associations.

    Coming all together, these partners have only one goal in mind – and it is to provide aid to the communities-in-need. So please,take part in this quirky yet fun bidding war and let’s the game begin.

    P.S. To those whom wishes to donate regardless the outcome of the auction, please do so! Every donation counts!


    Many B40 communities are largely dependent on job opportunities in SMEs and the informal sector. Unfortunately, the current Movement Control Order (“MCO”) renders these sectors to a standstill or even shut down. This has left many with no job and no income. They also do not have access to financial support and have a higher risk of contracting the virus due to their living conditions. They are already vulnerable before COVID-19, and now they may be the most affected ones.


    This unique initiative creates double impact.Your support enables SEs to continue operating, providing income to their employees and/or vendors. At the same time, essential products or services procured from SEs will be channelled to affected communities. It’s a win-win situation for everyone

    A great example of this initiative isKomuniti Tukang Jahit, Malaysia’s First Social Enterprise Corporate Gifts Manufacturer. Their work can be seen in the pictures below.

    This initiative is supported by trusted partners and promotes transparency.Your donations to this initiative will be managed by and channelled through SocioBiz. You can trust your donations to go straight to verified SEs to provide assistance to our communities in-need,at zero feesas Alliance Islamic Bank will bear all campaign charges. Plus, you will be updated on their progress regularly!

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    1. To participate in this Auction, users are not required to create or login into their Royale Demure account.
    2. Bidders are not required to provide private banking account details to participate in the Auction.
    3. No funds/money is deducted throughout the Auction campaign.
    4. Bidders will only need to provide verified personal information and detailed contact information for the organizers, so that we can contact you after the campaign is over. [Eg: Name, NRIC, Mobile, Email Address]
    5. Every bidder who intends to submit a Bid should have sufficient bank account balance to cover the Bidlater when the campaign is over.
    6. Total bidding amount will be increase base on the latest bidder. The system will only allow amounts to be higher, and is calculated base on a RM10.00 interval.
    7. The platform will not be contacting you for any money transfer until the Auction campaign is over. Please do not take instructions for strangers who claims they are from this platform/initiative.
    8. Proceeds from the Bidding and Donation will be directly donated into the fundraiser.
    9. After the Auction, payment may be done via cash deposit, credit card or online banking payable to:
      REF: GLAMMaskWinner
      Bank Name: Alliance Bank
      Account Name: GS Global Guardian Sdn Bhd
      Account Number: 620100010023192
      Reference: Sociobiz SESI
    10. Bidders whom wished to donate to the fundraising directly, regardless of the outcome of this Auction Campaign may do so, by clicking into this link
  • arrow_drop_downWHERE WILL THE FUNDS GO

    The total targeted output of the initiative is to provide1650 grocery packages, each is enough to feed four persons for one week;6280 cooked food (collectively 52480 meals in total); as well as10,000 protective hygiene essentials tothe B40 communitiesaffected by COVID-19. On the other hand, this campaign will support 11 social enterprises’ capacity to extend their business runway by an average of1.3 months, which include continuousemployment to a total of 48 Bottom 40% (B40) employees and vendors.

    The targeted collective impact of the initiative includes:

    • Increased livelihoods of B40 communities affected by COVID-19
    • Reduced risk of contracting virus among marginalised individuals
    • Increased sustainability of social enterprises to conduct business
    • Increased ability of social enterprises to continue supporting their B40 employees and vendors
    Trusted and Verified Partners

    This campaign is supported by trusted and verified partners

    Tax Exempt

    Donations about RM300 will be given tax exemption receipt upon request

    Double Impact

    This campaign will support and help Social Enterprises and communities in-need

    No Extra Fees

    100% of donations will go towards the cause. Alliance Islamic will bear all campaign charges